Privacy Policy & Terms

Limitations Around Cashing-Out Bitcoin

Our user account, loyalty, and redemption system are managed by Bling Financial, Inc.

In order to provide the best service, we require the following of users in order to redeem their cryptocurrency:

  1. We allow you to redeem Bling points for cryptocurrency via Coinbase. Thus, your email address must have an associated Coinbase account in order to redeem cryptocurrency.

  2. We reserve the right to set a minimum number of Bling points to redeem per cash out request.

  3. You may only redeem loyalty points up to one time per week, which starts at midnight Pacific Time Monday and ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time Sunday.

  4. Users are limited to one Bling account per person. Users with multiple accounts will have their accounts deleted.

    As a fraud prevention measure, we do not honor accounts from temporary or disposable email services, and reserve the right to deny service or redemptions to accounts using private domains. We reserve the sole right to discontinue service at any time. Users will be given 7 days notice via an email or in-game notice to redeem any outstanding loyalty points prior to discontinuation of service, after which we reserve the right to discontinue redemption services.

Registration & Personal Information

To access all features of the game, we ask you for your email, which is required for login, registration, verification, and cash out. Your personal information is intended to be safe, private, and secure. We respect the importance of information security and confidentiality, and do not disclose your personal information to outside sources, other than our cloud computing provider Google, which holds your personal information.

We utilize the Bling Platform (Bling Financial, Inc.) to cash out users. Users who create an account with us automatically create an account on the Bling Platform. Conversely, pre-existing Bling account holders can utilize their Bling account via our games.To the extent you log in through Facebook and Google sign-in, you agree to allow those third parties to share certain information with us, including your name and email, profile picture, email, and Google Advertising ID.

Information Collection and Use

We and our third-party partners may collect your email, profile picture, and Google Advertising. Otherwise, we do not collect any other personal information from you. We also collect non-Personal information, a term that refers to data that does not identify you. Non-personal information includes data related to the game, including your cash out history and n-game activities, or may be unrelated to the game, such as your general location and the type of device used to play the game. We collect this information to authenticate accounts, provide customer support, deter fraud, and improve the game experience.

We do share collected information with our Bitcoin cash out provider Bling Financial, Inc.


We have outsourced storage and management of user data to Bling Financial, Inc. Your personal information is stored with our cloud provider Google and Bling’s cloud provider. Please note that you can terminate your account at any time and request that we completely delete all your data that we have stored. Please contact us at


We have outsourced customer support functions to Bling Financial, Inc. If you require support, please contact us at

Credit Card Transactions

As we do not allow in-app purchases, we do not collect or store any credit card information (name, credit card number, and expiration date).

Third-Party Data Collection and Use of End-User Information

When downloading our software via a third party platform — including Google Play, Apple App Store, or Facebook— you allow us to access and/or collect certain information from your third-party platform profile/account. You additionally allow us to access information contained in cookies placed on your device by the third-party platform as permitted by the terms of your agreement and privacy settings with that platform. We may share this information with the third-party platform for their use as permitted by the terms of your agreement with and privacy settings on that platform.

Our games may contain third-party tracking tools from our service providers, for example, Google Firebase and ad networks. Such third parties may use SDKs and APIs in our games to enable them to collect and analyze user information on our behalf. In order to provide their services, the third parties may have access to information such as your IP address, MAC address, geo-location, IMEI, and Advertising ID.

Incorporation by Reference

Due to the nature of our service, Bling Financial, Inc.’s terms of service are hereby incorporated by reference.

Agreement with our Policies

By using the our website, our products, or our services, you signify your understanding of and consent to the our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these policies, we strongly urge you to refrain from using our website, products, and services.

Contact Us about Privacy

If for any reason you are concerned with the way that we may be using your personal information, you have questions about the privacy aspects of our products or services, or you wish to file a complaint, please contact us at: